Antique Charm Bracelets

Charms from the Past From ancient times charms have been worn as decoration or as small significant pieces of jewelry acting as pointers to happenings in a persons life. Charms bracelets often carried charms to ward off evil or ensure good fortune, a talisman to keep the wearer safe from harm. The rabbits foot was held in high esteem and used as a charm for luck. Pieces of wood or unusual stones were found and carried to protect the person who carried it. We have relied on these small pieces of 'jewelry' over the ages to give us confidence in difficult times such as war. The more charms a woman wore on her charms bracelet, the higher in society she was placed. Men bought their wives charms to place on their bracelet as a form of protection against a poor economy. Even then gold carried a lot of weight. Not only was a charms bracelet used to show the world that a husband was wealthy and could easily afford to buy his wife many gold charms, that were often studded with precious gems, but they were also seen as symbols of status and authority.

Often, the antique charms bracelets or amulets as they were known, would be inscribed with a verse or incantation. It was hoped that the chosen verse would bring the wearer luck and good fortune, an appeasement to the God's for any bad behaviour. At the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the charms were expected to enable the wearers to find a place of respect in the Heavens when they died. A kind of marker, so that the God's knew exactly who they were dealing with.

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